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Case IH Patriot Sprayers series, sprayers and used sprayers at Rabe International in Fairmont, Minnesota.

Patriot™ Sprayers

Case IH Patriot Sprayers

Since 1991 Patriot™ sprayers have delivered state-of-the-art performance with industry-leading features like the AIM Command™ spray system, active suspension and the Surveyor™ cab—resulting in dramatic increases in productivity and reduced costs per acre.

Optimum weight distribution. Patriot sprayers are known for their excellent weight distribution over the front and rear axles, which allows for earlier field access and gives them the capability to spray in wetter conditions without leaving large ruts. And, in normal field conditions there is less soil compaction.

CASE IHConfiguration is key. With a cab forward/rear engine configuration, weight on the Patriot 4420 is split 50/50 front-to-rear, and on the Patriot 3320 it’s split 49/51—and this includes a loaded product tank with spray booms in the out and down position.

On the Patriot 3185 and the Patriot 3150 the mid-mounted engine allows for a 45/55 weight split, and when combined with a light overall vehicle weight, you'll experience fewer ruts and less compaction.

Center pivot boom. A center pivot boom design makes the boom more independent of the chassis frame. Two links connect the boom and center section to create a pivot point that minimizes the amount of boom tip travel. The result: optimum application coverage, even at higher speeds.

New 120-foot (36.6-m) boom. Cover more ground in less time with a 120-foot (36.6-m) boom, now optional on the Patriot 4420. It can increase your productivity 33% over a unit equipped with a 90-foot (27.4-m) boom and 20% compared to a 100-foot (30.5-m) boom.

Hydraulically adjusted track width. The axle track can be easily adjusted to fit the desired row spacing or track width, with the touch of a single switch. The front and rear axles can be set at different widths to reduce compaction.

Models    Engine hp (kW)   Size, gal. (L)   Boom Length, ft. (m)
Patriot 3150   152
  75 or 90
(22.9 or 27.4)
Patriot 3185   185
  75 or 90
(22.9 or 27.4)
Patriot 3320   235
  60/90 or 60/100
(18.3/27.4 or 18.3/30.5)
Patriot 4420   290
  60/90, 60/100 or 60/90/120
(18.3/27.4, 18.3/30.5 or 18.3/27.4/36.6)